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The SIRS 2019 Conference

Speech of the President of the Assembly

It is great honor for me to welcome all of you in this great occasion for the 3rd annual Saudi interventional radiology society Conference.

I would like to express my most sincers gratitude for you, as the gateway to the initiation to our Scientific Program.

We are especially thankful to many of the dignitaries who are also sharing their time wih us in this event and have also changed previous commitments in their professional duties to find time to render stimulation and appreciation to the international scientiffic community here by scientists and researchers.

In order to be a teacher of medicine the doctor must always be a student.

This should be the spirit of a good scientist: to be a permanent student of science, it has been said previously in science the absulute truths of today are always relative truth of tomorrow.

Sydey Burwell had written in an issue of the British Medical Journal in 1965: "My students are dismayad when I say to them, Half of what you are taught as medical students will in 10 years have been shown to be wrong, and trouble is, none of your teachers knows which half".

Finally I would like to express me deepest thanks and appreciation from the bottom of my heart for our scientific comittee and organizing committee for all the effort they have made to make this conference successful.

Dr. Zakariya A. Alsafran
President of Saudi Interventional Radiology Society SIRS 2019

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Speech of the President of the Assembly

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