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About SIRS

About SIRS

Saudi Interventional Radiology Society was established in 2014 to be the center point for all Interventional Radiology professionals in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The SIRS helped to spread the education and clinical practices regarding this interventional service.

SIRS also managed to organize its first international conference in Jeddah in Jan, 2017; the event was very successful with speakers from all over the world which had been attended by hundreds of healthcare professionals form inside and outside the kingdom.

Strategic objectives

  • Enhance and develop the knowledge and practice in interventional radiology.
  • Create the opportunity for the worker in Interventional Radiology to participate in the development of Interventional Radiology filed.
  • Participated in exchange of knowledge between the society and other societies inside and outside the kingdom.
  • Conduct the required studies and consultations for other societies to improve the Interventional Radiology services.
  • Participate in developing clinical practice guidelines.
  • Participate in public awareness.